Coarse: Casting Shadows

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Toys
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There are a lot of companies out there in the world of designer toys but one of the premier players in the game has just shipped out their latest creation.  Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk make up the power artistic team known simply as Coarse (formerly Coarsetoys before dropping the term “toys” from their name) have stepped up their game and begun to evolve their brand with their latest release entitled Casting Shadows, first seen in 2010 at their solo show in Chicago at Rotofugi.

The Loser-HKG edition landed on my doorstep yesterday and here are my thoughts on my latest acquisition to my collection.

3 known color ways: Loser-HKG ed. of 200 (Sold Out), Switch to Fall ed. 200 (Sold Out), Loser Signature ed. (Sold out on

One argument people have against  coarse is their premium price, when compared to other vinyl toys out there.  But when a company starts charging higher prices you better believe their customers are expecting the higher quality. For those that purchased Casting Shadows I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The first thing noticeable about Casting Shadows (and any Coarse release) is the packaging.  Casting Shadows includes a 3 piece heavy duty cardboard box with artwork made specifically for this release.  As the box is pulled apart it reveals a sponge filled enclosure, housing the all too familiar Noop and the NEW squid-like character named “Nism.”  Taking out the Noop and his companion they both look solid and well created.  To help stop shipping and quality control issues during transit Coarse placed 2 red circle sponges between the Noop’s arms and legs which stopped scuffs and scratch marks on the figure’s body.

Along with the Noop and Nism, a kite with the familiar face of Paw is included, which when assembled and  placed in the Noop’s hand “casts a shadow” over the figure (Protip: When assembling the kite the be careful placing the plastic rods which could break if enough force is applied.)   Also included, are 5 leaves that spell out C-O-A-R-S-E which can be a little hard to visualize but a pretty sweet edition to the release.

Finally, you can’t forget the Friends and Family card which is included with every order.  When you collect 3 F&F cards you gain access to special releases and early access before the general public gets access.

The Good:

  • Packaging, Heavy duty box and added precautions to help stop damage during shipping
  • Release of a new character, Nism
  • One of the most dynamic releases, in that it depicts a scene between the Noop and Nism

The Bad:

  • Inside the Nism I received there is something loose which rattles when the figure is shaken
  • A couple very small scuffs on the Noop’s head.  Overall not too noticeable.(Protip: Some people use a magic eraser to buff scratches on vinyl figures BUT be careful when using this approach because it could also ruin your figure)
  • As with most Coarse releases not all color ways are announced at one time (can be a little off putting if you don’t have a large amount of disposable income)
  • Length of time to receive the figures.  Coarse releases their products on a “Pre-order” basis which usually includes a 2-3 month waiting period, which often can turn into 6 months to a year (Paw Bust anyone?)  But if you are going to collect Coarse you will have to play by their rules.  In the end it’s usually worth it!
The Verdict:
Overall, this is one of the best releases by Coarse.  With the addition of Nism, Mark and Sven seem to be flexing their creative muscles and trying to keep Coarse a little more fresh and a little more new.  Keep it up!  Now if only Coarse released Pain in Dreams!
And without further adieu…Casting Shadows

Check out what else  Coarse has to offer at

Check one Rotofugi’s on line shop and upcoming shows at



  1. konfucious says:

    Great review John! I’m eagerly awaiting mine to get here, but your detailed review and pics are definitely helping to pass the time. Looking forward to a lot more great happenings on this blog.

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