Comics I Like (or sometimes don’t)

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Comics
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Hi, Geoff here – N3rd Link’s resident comic book n3rd. I’m going to use this column to talk about…well comics.  Ones I like and sometimes ones I don’t.

 A little background: I’ve been collecting comics since the mid ‘80s, starting with Marvel’s Doctor Who and then venturing  into superheroes with Fantastic Four #294 and have been going to my local comic store every week since.  I usually buy 10-20 comics a week, mostly Marvel but with DC’s New 52 I’m giving most of them a try.  More on me in future posts, first off though I just read a comic that made me oh so happy!

The Ultimates #2 by Jonathan Hickman  and Esad Ribic
I have always been a fan of Hickman’s approach to science and technology in his writing.  And yet again Hickman uses his writing skills to kick the Ultimate universe into high gear by ramping up the danger and delivering consequences in this issue and doing things we haven’t seen in quite a while in the 616.

 Borrowing a bit of what Warren Ellis and Mark Millar did with Stormwatch and The Authority, Hickman brings a global threat to the Ultimates in the form of Reed Richards and the Dome.  In the process he completely destroys the Asgardian mythos of the Ultimate universe in a single issue.  (*THIS* is what I was hoping for with marvel’s summer event Fear Itself , but  six issues into that mini-series and I’m still waiting to really feel the stakes and the threat or even care much for that matter, but that’s another post.)  Here Ultimates brings a massive threat to Asgard and then follows through, leaving you excited and looking forward to the next issue!

As for Esad Ribic’s art – it’s just beautiful. I really enjoy the feel of the art, the light lines, great detail and wonderful coloring just adds to the enjoyment. I found myself taking time to study each panel and see all the details and then going back and looking and pages again after I was finished.

Overall an amazing issue, and I can’t wait for #3!  Definite pick up wherever you get your comic fix.

 Check out these sites for more info: – Jonathan Hickman Site – Esad Ribic Site – Marvel’s Site

  1. Nikejerk says:

    Pretty cool Geoff. The only comic I ever collected was Spawn and after McFarlane officially stopped drawing and there were all those off shoots of Spawn I just sorta stopped buying them. Since then I’ve really enjoyed The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Walking Dead, Popbot, and now you’re making me want to head to my LCS and check things out. I do need to look into Lock and Key too.

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