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Posted: October 2, 2011 in Toys
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If you follow MAD on twitter then you know he is an active “tweeter.”  Besides a recent dunny release, Jeremy Madl (aka MAD) seemed a little too quiet on the toy front, especially on the Madl front (pronounced model, MAD’s platform toy shares the same name as his surname.)   But it seems MAD has been hard at work designing multiple mini series, a watch and an all new sculpt!

So if you are a MAD collector get ready to drop some cash!

So what’s dropped and whats coming soon you ask???

OUT NOW!  MAD’s Swatch x Kidrobot design:

Mad has been traveling the world making appearances for his new design for the Swatch x Kidrobot series. Painting up oversized watches and dunnys he definitely has been racking up the frequent flyer miles.  Priced at $70 for watch & matching dunny, the set is available right now along with other artist designs at and

OUT NOW!  MAD x Kidrobot BentWorld Beats:

Playing on the successful BentWorld Vandals, MAD has created a mini series for the toy and music lover in you.  From a boom box to drumsticks and microphones, and a total of 19 designs in the series with two styles “Studio” and “Tour” editions and each comes blind boxed.  Also available is a special “2 turntables and a microphone” set.  And if you are wondering “Where it’s at?” they are Available now at MAD’s store and or your local shop.

COMING SOON! MAD x Kidrobot BentWorld Cans: Artist Series

Not much is known yet, besides the info posted on MAD’s Twitter and other toy blogs.  From the limited information we know it’s based on  MAD’s spray can from his BentWorld Vandals series, comes in 2 versions “Racked” & “Spent” and it’s got a great list of contributing artists like kaNO, Scribe, Jesse Hernandez, Marka 27, Sket One and others!

Coming Soon! MAD x Pobber Toys:  Mork

Finally, MAD has been hinting of a release at NYCC on his twitter and it looks to be his new design simply called Mork.  The first rendition of Mork was first seen with MAD’s last BB custom series.  But now teaming up with Pobber Toys his design will see a production run and be released next week in New York!  Official edition size and price has not been announced but we won’t have to wait long to find out.



For More info checkout: – MAD’s website – MAD’s online store

@MADtoydesign – MAD’s Twitter – Kidrobot’s website – Pobber Toy’s website


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