Sucklord at Munky King 10/5/11

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Toys, TV & Movies

Just in time, before his television debut on Bravo’s Work of Art: Season 2 (Oct. 12) the Sucklord will be making an appearance at Munky King in Los Angeles this Wednesday October 5.  He will be peddling his wares and acting cooler than you (face it he probably is.)

Along with an assortment of his Suckadelic merchandise, at discounted prices an exclusive #WINNING PANEL Bootleg figure: (F*** You I’m Famous edition) will be available for purchase. 

Here is the info for appearance

When: Wednesday, October 3, 2011

Time: 7:00-9:00p

Where: Munky King (Los Angeles, CA)

If you are in the LA area or even a casual fan of the Sucklord I would go to this show.  I have a feeling the secondary prices for his work will jump if his appearance on Work of Art is a success.

Every reality show competition has a “loose cannon” and they are always the most entertaining to watch.  From looking at the trailer for the upcoming season I believe The Sucklord is going to be the one that fills that position.  I had no interest in watching season 1 of Work of Art, but having the Sucklord as a contestant and KAWS a guest judge I think I will be tune in.

For more info: – Munky King Website – Sucklord’s Website – Work of Art show site


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