Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere: Quit your whining *Spoilers Ahead*

Posted: October 18, 2011 in TV & Movies
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So the season premiere of Walking Dead aired this past Sunday and I had high hopes for it.  Not only was it a 90 minute premiere but there has been a lot of hyping of the episode especially by Chris Hardwick (Nerdist Podcast and host of the after show Talking of the Dead.)  Let’s just say if they are going to continue this story arch for more than an episode I’m going to be pretty frustrated.

 So with that being said…


 Quick Overview of Main Plot:

-The group leaves the newly destroyed CDC

-Group reaches a traffic jam on the expressway of abandoned cars and dead bodies

-Surprise! Car breaks down and needs to be fixed

-As Dale fixes the car the rest of the group rummages through the cars on the road

-As a herd of zombies comes shows up everyone hides under a car! Everyone listens and stays put!

-Zombie herd passes until 2 zombies find Sophia (the little girl)

-Sophia runs into the woods…zombies follow

-Rick follows to try and save Sophia.  No one else does

-Rick tells Sophia to hide in a spot under a tree and stay put

-Rick has zombies follow him into the woods

-Rick kills zombies

-Rick returns to the tree.  GUESS what?! Sophia is not there (this is where I start getting frustrated)

-Rick returns to group and they begin to look for Sophia…unsuccessfully

-The group gets up the next day and looks for Sophia and hears a church bell

-Carol (Sophia’s mom) goes into the church and prays out loud and quietly blames Rick for losing Sophia

-Group finds the church. The bell ends up being a recording on a timer

-Rick goes into the church and prays

-Group splits up and they find a deer and Carl tries to pet it

-BANG carl gets shot.

-End of Episode

 Other Notable Side “Happenings”:

-Dale is the keeper of the weapons and guns

-Andrea is mad her gun was taken away and whines about it the whole episode

-Andrea blames Dale for not allowing her to die in the CDC “on her own terms” and whines about it the whole episode

-Shane decides he can’t deal with the group any longer and makes plans to split off

-Andrea wants to leave with Shane and whines some more

-Daryl finds a gun in a tent while looking for Sophia…ends up giving it to Lori when the group splits up

-After Andrea whines more, Lori gives Andrea her gun and goes off on her and then Carol for blaming Rick for Sophia’s disappearance

-Andrea gives the gun back

 The Good:

-Walking Dead is back!

-Daryl is becoming one of my favorite characters.  Although he isn’t in the comic he isn’t a complete d-bag as I thought he would be after his brother was locked on the roof top.  He saved T-dog’s life after he cut his arm and was pretty willing to help the group search for Sophia.

-Was pretty surprised that the church bell was a recording.

 The Bad:

-Sophia could follow directions hiding under the car why did she run away after Rick told her to hide.  I hope there is a better explanation instead of “she was scared.”

-Andrea’s whining.  We get it, your being attacked by zombies you lost a loved one. Everyone else is in the same situation!

– the deer scene seemed to cheesy and tried too hard to be a heartwarming scene…that is before the gunshot

 The Verdict:

After hearing the first episode was “better than the entire first season” I had some fairly high expectations.  It wasn’t a terrible episode but I don’t think it lived up to the hype.  I am looking forward to the next episode, but if half the season is spent looking for a girl that couldn’t follow instructions and their isn’t a good explanation I will be annoyed.

So what did you think of the episode?

-End of my whining




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