Bravo TV’s Work of Art is a Piece of Work.

Posted: October 20, 2011 in TV & Movies
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So, the first 2 episodes of Bravo’s show Work of Art have aired.  Here are my thoughts on the show so far.

 What is Work of Art?:

Work of art is a reality game show that brings together 14 artists to compete for $100,000 and a solo show at the Brooklyn museum.  The artists must produce a new work of art based on that week’s theme.  The worst piece that week goes home.  Easy enough?

 The Competitors (Info from Bravo’s bios):

Leon: Deaf artist from Malaysia.  Works in multiple types of media (IMO one of the most talented artists)

Dusty: Teacher from Arkansas.  Works mostly in sculpture (Graduate of Michigan State!)

Kathryn (Kicked off week 2): Has an affinity for human organs (It’s all she talks about)

Lola: Works mostly in sculpture but other types as well

Sarah: Works mostly with installations

Jazz-minh: Focus on human psyche

Kymia: Her bio lists a bunch of awards but not much of what she does as an artist (good for her?)

Tewz: Graffiti/street artist

The Sucklord: Toy designer and bootlegger

Ugo (Kicked off week 1): Haring…I mean Ugo is a French artist that deals with abstract-ish line drawing

Sara: Some Installation work and works with the themes of womanhood and identity

Bayete: Deals mostly in video

Michelle: Works in sculpture

Young Sun: Artist/Curator works in different media

 The Good:

-The Sucklord:  The reason I actually watch the show and he hasn’t disappointed.  He is one of the only contestants with a strong personality that makes the show fun. 

-The two people that annoyed me were booted off in weeks 1 and 2:

     -Although Ugo seemed to be a likable person his work was a complete rip off of Keith Haring.  He was kicked off on the first episode. 

     -On week 1 Kathryn made her photo look like human organs.  On week 2 Kathryn tried to make her movie look like…human organs (IMO she failed).  She couldn’t seem to think outside her box (literally and figuratively) and it made her work boring.  On top of that she whined a lot about her intestinal issues and it just got annoying.  She balled her eyes out before being kicked off.

 The Bad:

-Artists making things too complicated:

Example:  With the inspiration of a Parkour team, week 2 was a team competition with the theme being “motion.”  So what did the teams go with?  Well one member of Team 1 couldn’t move away from the thought of shit so the team decided to go with “digestion.”  (My thoughts??? Parkour…shit…OH I get it…wait no I don’t.)  Team 2 thought of migration (My thoughts???  Hmmm, migrating involves moving, I sort of get it…)

The Sucklord seemed to be the only one to voice a concern that the idea was terrible.  Simon De Pury finally, came to be the voice of reason and basically told both team to start over.  Team 1 went with a playground show (Ok…I get it.) and Leon on Team 2 went with the theme of circle or ball (I can understand it as a way to connect the pieces but it was executed terribly by the team.)

 -Artists over thinking and trying too hard to make their work “deep and profound.”

Example : Young Sun’s week 2 creation was a silver Japanese flag.  This was supposed to view the struggle of Japan with the recent earthquake.  The movement of the flag was supposed to represent the shifting of tectonic plates…WHAT?!

Example: Bayete’s week 1 creation.  His piece depicted a white face and a black face with money glued to the board.  It was supposed to represent racism and money or something like that.  It almost looked like a child’s collage

 The Verdict:

While there are a few talented artists, there are only a couple of the contestants that make the show worth watching.  If someone should get a spin off it should be The Sucklord. 

 I would still give it a shot.

 My Top 2 Finalists:



For more info: – Bravo’s Website


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