Help spread the love of art all the way to Asia.

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Partnering with the charity SpinningTop, Artists Ritzy Periwinkle (Ya’ Heard Show!) (@ritzy_p), Angry Woebots (@angstwoes), J Ryu (@jryu) and Daniel Zana (@danielzana) are becoming teachers. These artists are planning to travel to the Burma/Thailand border to participate in the 2011 Little Lotus Project. These four artists and others will be working to teach and inspire migrant and refugee children that have been victim of the instability in Burma.

Since this is a volunteer program the group needs your help covering some of their expenses. The team is asking for donations and has created a Kick starter to help subsidize their costs. Love it or hate it Kickstarter can be a great way to raise some cash. And if you don’t like just donating money the group has some pretty cool incentives to entice those thinking about donating. Incentives range from artist sticker packs ($10) to original paintings, sculptures or customs ($1000 level) and many others in between.

Any donation can help them and unlike other Kickstarters out there money for this goes to a good cause.

Paragraph from their Kickstarter page:

The charity SpinningTop is launching the Little Lotus Project 2011 this December and taking twelve talented artists from across the globe to the Thai/Burma border to work with and inspire refugee and migrant children who have fled from the instability of Burma. Filmmaker Gareth Moon from Nektar Films, who has worked on projects such as Bacardi Brazil OE, Fly My Pretties, Shapeshifter and more, will be documenting the project along with US filmmaker, Daniel Zana, the creator of ‘The Vinyl Frontier’. Videos will be produced and distributed across various media channels to further promote the project. These twelve talented artists are fundraising their own way to the Thai/Burma border for this year’s project after being inspired to get involved after the success of the first Little Lotus Project. They are a talented international crew from New Zealand, Cambodia, Singapore and the US.

Head on over and make a donation!


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