Toy Review: Kaws x Peanuts Snoopy “Joe KAWS”

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Toys
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I received the new KAWS x Peanuts in the mail this week.  People either love it or hate it.  So here are my thoughts.

The Good: 

-KAWS teamed up with Peanuts.  Not many people have the opportunity to alter Peanuts characters especially Snoopy and have the Peanuts stamp of approval.

-The figure has a solid weight to it and feels well constructed.  For the price KAWS pieces demand you hope Medicom doesn’t cheap out on production.

The Bad:

-Not much was done to the figure to make a “KAWS figure”.  This was the biggest complaint I have heard about the figure, and I can understand the complaint.  The main changes to the figure were KAWS “X’s” on Snoopy’s eyes and glasses. The other change is the T-shirt says “Joe KAWS” instead of “Joe Cool.”  I don’t believe KAWS is necessarily the one to blame for the minimal changes.  I believe this project was heavily monitored by the Peanuts crew.

-The packaging.  I have never been a big fan of Medicom’s packaging.  It’s simple, but it does it’s job.  But, when you see a other companies make appealing packaging you would think Medicom could come up with something a little nicer than a bland cardboard box and a clam shell.  Especially for a KAWS release.

-Some people have reported the figure has the KAWS “Lean.” This has happened to some of KAWS’ figures where the feet aren’t level causing the figure to lean to one side or another.

The Verdict:

-If you are a Snoopy and a KAWS fan it’s a definite pick up (If you can find it close to it’s retail price).  The figure sold out on

-If you are only a KAWS or a Snoopy fan it’s a tough sell.  With the already high retail price and the minimal changes some people feel ithas earned the figure a Pass.

So did you pick it up? or what are your thoughts on the KAWS x Peanuts Collab?



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