kaNO x Kuso Vinyl: Dragon King OG Released

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Toys
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On the heels of My Plastic Heart’s exclusive Game of Death (G.O.D.) yellow colorway kaNO and Kuso Vinyl have released the original blue colorway for their Dragon King vinyl figure.

This has been one of my most anticipated toys of the year and I was one of the lucky few that were able to grab one of the 20 pre-released at this years Designer Con.  So now that the wait is over was it worth the hype?

The Good:

-Heavily influenced by the Legendary Bruce Lee, kaNO’s character design and styling translate extremely well to the overall sculpt of the figure.

-The Dragon King comes packed with 2 accessories, an old school Bolex camera and a green baton from Game of Death movie.

-The packaging; the Dragon King logo is printed on a thick cardboard burgundy box with a magnetic flip front that opens and closes nicely.  The outside is simple but works really well.

The Bad:

-The Packaging; The plastic enclosure the Dragon King sits in is a flocked plastic shell.  I am not a fan of flocked packaging due to the flocking can rub off easily.

-Articulation;  If you are someone that likes to pose their figures in many different positions you might be out of luck.  The arms (including wrists) and head are the most poseable parts.

The Verdict:

After the success of kaNO’s Moneygrip, Bodega and Hi-Def toys I believe the Dragon king is his best design to date.  I’ve been waiting for a piece that represents kaNO’s background in cartoon character design and I believe the Dragon King does just that.

I believe this is a definite pickup especially if you are a Bruce Lee or kaNO fan.  But if you are not a completist and the OG blue version isn’t for you, there are more colorways planned including a rumored an extremely limited “Green Hornet” version.

So what do you think of the Dragon King?


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