Last 3 / Next 5: Comics for 11/30

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Comics
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Week 2 on my regular weekly column!!!!! 

Last week 4 people out of 7 billion read it which is something like .0000000000571 percent of the population of the planet.  Let’s see if I can double that this week! (ok, that might be shooting to high, I’ll settle for 6!)

It’s a 5th week so no DC really and just a smattering of Marvel out this week.  Looking forward to a light week for once.  On to the pics…..

3 comics from last week that I loved and would recommend picking up:

Locke & Key: The Guide to Known Keys– Wow!  This issue almost had me crying.  Was so not prepared for the emotional impact of this.  And a great history of the keys and hints at what might be coming. 

Fantastic Four – 100 pages of pure comic joy!!!  Can’t wait to see what comes next!  And Johnny’s back as ruler of the Negative Zone – crazy cool!

Wolverine and the X-Men – I could have stared at the cover of this issue alone and been happy.  And the story continues to rock and I’m so hoping Bobby and Kitty hook up!


5 comics I’m excited to pick up this week:

Daredevil – This new series is the best it’s been since the Bendis run years ago.  And I had the most letters printed in Daredevil than any other comic from back in the day as a kid so it always has a soft spot in my heart. 

FF – now split from the main Fantastic Four book, this issue continues with the kids and what they are up to. 

Wolverine – more fun with Wolverine and Fat Cobra! 

The Ultimates – What, more Jonathan Hickman writing – yes please!!!  Now is the time to get into the Ultimate Universe – every comic is really worth it!

Red Skull – the last issue of the mini-series telling the origin of the Red Skull.  Well worth getting in trade – a very well done and frightening portrait of Nazi Germany and what happened to make the Red Skull who he became. 

See you next week, each and every one of you.



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