Review of Flip Riders by Bad JuJu Games

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Video Games / Apps
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What do Excitebike, Fonzie, Anime, sharks and 3-D environments have in common?  They are all things that Bad JuJu made me think about while playing their game Flip Riders!

The premise is simple, drive your motorcycle from one end of the board to the other, collect stars, do tricks and avoiding obstacles in the shortest amount of time. After each level you receive a star rating between 1-3.  More points = More stars = more unlocked levels.  Obstacles to avoid include bridges, hills, ramps, helicopters and oh yea sharks…there is a lot shark jumping (Insert Fonzie reference).

Bad JuJu games purpose of existence is to “Create better games.”

So with that idea in mind do we at N3rd Link feel they succeeded?  should you include this game on the same device as your precious Angry Birds or Words with Friends?

Here is what we think of Bad JuJu’s game Flip Riders.

The Good:

-The environment;  Bad JuJu did a great job designing the levels and the graphics are crisp and clean.

-The controls; Once you set the controls (Tilt, button or swipe) and adjust the flip sensitivity to your liking the responsiveness is pretty spot on.  I preferr the button layout but like many other apps the buttons take up a lot of screen real estate.

-The game is currently FREE! Who doesn’t like free Apps?

The Bad:

-Placement of checkpoints.  Some checkpoints are placed right at the bottom of large ramps.  So restarting at these places, after a crash, leaves little to no room for acceleration.  This causes very little room for error to clear the obstacles after the jumps.

-The only stunt you really control is how many times your character flips his motorcycle.  The other stunts you perform are more controlled by the game itself.

The Verdict:

Flip Riders is an extremely enjoyable game.  I can’t say I am addicted to it and I don’t have that urge to achieve 3 stars on every level but Flip Rider is definitely a worthwhile download.  The game currently has 50 levels, 2 difficulty settings and 3 in-app purchases (each costs $.99 and unlocks a new playable character.)  It’s FREE! How can you argue with that?  So go and grab Flip Riders before it’s too late. Id give it a 4 out of 5!


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