3A’s Nabler shows his head

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Toys
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Fellow N3rds…hope your holidays gifts were amazing! If not, have no fear, 3A nablers landed during the Holidays. Last November we saw the sale of Nabler a 1/6 scale bot head.  Nabler was sold as blind box, with 6 possible colors, red, orange, black, white, light grey and dark grey, each color then had 3 possible mouth expressions smile, frown, or straight mouth.  If all combinations are equal this would give you a 1 in 5.55% chance of getting the exact one you wanted.  Nablers measure approximately 4.5” tall and has smoke coming out it’s back much like the bambaboss.

Since I’m not a huge bot or bot head fan I wasn’t completely sold on the Nabler but I was intrigued enough to grab 2 blind boxes.  I felt the worst case scenario I could trade or sell them.

The Good:

-The size; The Nabler itself is a 1:6 scale bot head but it does not feel out of place next to 1:6 or 1:12 scale figures…they even look great next to other company toys too.

-The “wondering eye”; One notable feature of Nabler is the “wondering” eye.  You can rotate the Nabler’s eye 360 degrees so you are able to pose it whichever way you want.  It gives the bot head a “humanized” feel to it.

The Bad:

-On some of the forums I did read comments, where collectors received 3 and sometimes 5 of the same color and expression in their order. All things being equal and random the odds of that happening is pretty slim.  One could ask the question if they were really “blind boxed.”

The Verdict:

Overall for the price it’s a great buy. They are running for about $100 on eBay right now so if you missed out on the release they are available if you have the cash.

Best of luck to those who missed out and those searching for their preferred color and face.

Have a great 2012!


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