Original Fake x KAWS Partners Figure Out Soon!

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Toys
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News broke on Highsnobiety today of an all new KAWS release.

This release entitled “Partners” is a take on the classic Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Partner bronze statue.

The Kaws version depicts the man himself standing next to a cowering companion.

Details are scarce but here is some what is speculated:

Release Date: January 28

Cost: ~$190

Where to buy:  No exact details are known, but we would assume the Original Fake shops in Japan will have them in stock.   State side the regular spots like Toy Qube and Toy Tokyo, Purist etc. should have  them in stock soon (but if past releases are any indication they will be well above the retail price.)  If you want to hold out closer to retail wait for the announcement from KAWS for a kawsone.com release time.

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Photos from Highsnobiety


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