Brisk x Star Wars Bodega…1 night Only 2/3/12

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Art
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Lately, if you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you have undoubtedly noticed that movies, for some odd reason, are being released OR re-released in 3D.  Don’t get me wrong some movies like very nice in 3D like Avatar, but it seems others just are jumping on the bandwagon for $ & G’s.  Movies like Beauty and the Beast & Titanic do they really need to be released again let alone in 3D?  But if you haven’t heard Star Wars episode 1 is being released in 3D on Feb 10.  While I contemplate actually paying to see the monstrosity that is The Phantom Menace, there is at least one cool thing that is coming out of all this.

The Brisk Iced tea: Brisk Bodega.

This is a one day (Friday February 3) Star Wars pop up art show in Downtown Los Angeles.  There will be props from the movie as well as original art from some great artists like Tristan Eaton (who also in the past designed a brisk iced tea bottle), Mark Dean, POSE, Dual Forces and Jasper Wong.

So if you are for or against the 3D Movement or hate Jar Jar Binks for ruining Episode 1 and in the LA area check it out tonight!

Here is the info you need to know.

What: Brisk’s Bodega.  Sar Wars pop up show

When: Friday, February 3only. 3-8p

Where: 722 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

*Afterwards the place becomes a 21+ party with guest DJ spinning and an open bar!

Here is preview of Tristan Eaton’s Piece for the show


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