Dave White x Jordan 1’s out Friday

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I am a sneaker-head 1st and foremost. I was “collecting” sneakers before I even knew I was collecting them. Back then I was just keeping them in pristine condition and buying up everything that I liked. Then with the advent of the internet, I discovered there were others like me.

Then I discovered Dave White and his sneaker art. This was right around the time I bought my 1st house.  I ended up buying a bunch of prints ensure my place was properly decorated! Fast forward 10 yrs; Dave White has now collaborated with Jordan Brand and has created a limited Jordan 1.  It will strictly be an online sale starting at midnight EST on Feb. 11th ($175).  I will definitely be gunning for these. If I’m not lucky enough to get a pair, and you happen to get a size 8.5 that you don’t want, you know who to hit up!


For More info Click Here (Pic from Nike Insider)


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