KAWS Exhibit at the High Museum Now Open!

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Art
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KAWS’ (Brian Donnelly) newest art show Down Time currently at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta officially opened on February 18.  According to the High Museum’s web site this is the largest showing of KAWS’ work to date.  To kick off the exhibit the had a lecture at the Alliance Theater and talked about his background from graffiti to animation.

N3rd Link’s very own Jared (aka Nikejerk) was lucky enough to attend the event and meet KAWS and had some great things to say about the experience.  Here is just a few points Brian shared with the crowd.  Keep an eye out for our next podcast where Jared will go more in depth about the experience.

KAWS’ early work:

A big part of the lecture, KAWS talked about growing up as a kid in Jersey City where he started writing graffiti to be more involved with the older guys that he looked up to.  There really wasn’t much else to do there in the area he grew up in.  Eventually he moved onto his more famous bus stop signs and phone booths saying he wanted the art to be closer to people, more intimate as opposed to seeing it for a few seconds as you drove past it on the highway. When he first started creating the bus stops they would last a few weeks but near the end they’d go up and within a few hours people would steal them…sometimes smashing the glass to get them.  KAWS stopped creating the bus stops all together because the art wasn’t reaching anyone and he felt bad for the company whose property was being destroyed because of him.  Because he was defacing fashion ads, people from the fashion world caught wind of him and that’s when some of his early opportunities opened up and things snow balled from there.

Jared’s thoughts on the artwork at the exhibit:

The work in the exhibition is fantastic. The Tondo paintings are so vibrant and I just love the cropped facial expressions that border on abstract but when put together start to form whole faces. The David Simms collabs are really great too and people that weren’t sure what they were looking at thought the drawings were somehow part of the photographs.  All in all, the show was great. In person, Kaws is a very humble person and deserves all the fame he has coming.

Check out some of the photographs from the show below!

The Exhibit is on display from Feb. 18 to May 20; tickets cost $18/adult $15/children

For more info check out the High Museum of Art Website here

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