KOZIK x Nike SB Dunk Hi

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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If you are reading this blog because you know me, then you know that I like sneakers a lot more than most people do. If you are reading this because you are into vinyl toys and art, then you have probably heard of Frank Kozik. Those relatively new to the scene know him from his satirical vinyl busts of well-known political figures or possibly his Labbit figures produced by Kidrobot, those more seasoned in the game know of his work with groups in the rock world such as Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili peppers, Pearl Jam, and the Stone Temple Pilots, to name a few.  Well this is one of those grand occasions where my two worlds collide. Kozik has teamed with Nike SB to create this month’s quickstrike dunk hi, dubbed the Kozik’s (all Nike dunk SBs have a nickname…sometimes they don’t make sense, sometimes they do). The dunks feature multiple shades of dark green, green metal eyelets, and an orange sockliner. The greens fit right in with some of Frank Kozik’s more popular works, which feature a military theme. If you want the release date on these, I can’t help you. Nike SBs only have a release month: so its up to your local skate/boardshop to announce when they will be releasing them. I’m hoping for a March or April release so that I can pound the pavement with these this summer. Maybe even wear em to SDCC and bump into Kozik.

Nike SB Kozik
(Pic from theshoegame)
Corpsman Labbit
(Pic from neonmonster)


  1. […] this month or next. If you aren’t already familiar with the background on these kicks, click here. here. New detailed pics of them have surfaced, so without further adieu here they are: #gallery-1 […]

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