ThreeA Reventure Fast Approaching!!!

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Art, Toys
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Re-venture Hong Kong aka RVHK is almost upon us!!!!

Yes ThreeA fans, THE event is closing in fast. April 27 is creeping up on us and so is more info on 3A’s show/gathering/venture as they call it.

3A is one of the fastest growing companies right now in the art-toy scene, and from April 27th to May 4th at the 3A headquarters in Kowlong, Hong Kong, you will be greeted with a gallery of art and toys from the mind of Ashley Wood including what looks to be a myriad of show exclusives.   From my experience attending the Beijing gathering, I can tell you these will be hard to get even for the attendees.

If you happen to be attending AND 3AA (3A Associate) you may be in luck.  Ash, has announced that, 2012 3AA members can pre-order the show exclusives and figures and pick up at the event.  So hopefully many of you that will be attending won’t have to wait in the 6+ hour line,

leaving more time to enjoy event, the artwork and beautiful Hong Kong

With the newest VOX newsletter here is some info about possible exclusives (No prices have been announced):

-Kid Sarge in 1/12 squale

-Tomorrow Queen 1/6 scale (2 variants)

-Tomorrow King (not quite sure of scale yet) (4 variant)

For those of you going, or thinking about going and haven’t book your flight or hotel, hotels will run you around US$150.00 per night and flight from west coast will run you about US$1,150.00 and from the east coast about US$1,350.00.

And if you are not going, fear NOT my friends, I will be attending and will keep the N3rd Link blog informed of any and all happenings along with exclusive unboxing and detailed pics of figures soon as they are in my hands.

Make sure them passports are up to date!!!


For more info check out the RVHK blog here

Pics provided by the ThreeA Vox newsletter.

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