Most Wanted Series 101

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized

The “Most Wanted” represents a collective of artists and customizers on the Kidrobot forums who came together to create something special: Their own customized Dunny series. Under the leadership of Manny Rivas, Tim Munz, and Igor Ventura, the group managed to succeed, where many in the past had failed, and in January 2010, had their first official release of completely handmade custom dunnys!

The Most Wanted Series 1 featured the work of 16 artists, and sold out instantly.

(image courtesy of:

After the successful sale, the team quickly ramped up for Most Wanted Series 2. This series featured 14 artists, and was released in Feb 2011 to another instant sellout.

(image courtesy of:

The unique and creative handmade pieces made such an impact that Kidrobot recently turned Walter Jacott’s (aka Chauskoskis) design into a production piece. An impressive 1000 pieces of the now sold out “Birro the Clown” were produced by the toy giant, and we look forward to seeing the designs of many more of these artists turned into production pieces.(image courtesy of:

The team is now gearing for the release of the MW Series 3 in the next month or so, with no sign of slowing down… in fact, prior to the release the MW collective will be holding their 1st official gallery show in May to highlight past and present works. Stay tuned to for more details on MW3 here 1st!


BONUS: Through hard work fueled by his passion of collecting, our very own Nico managed to track down Series 1. He now has the most complete set in existence, with designs from every artist involved.

(photography by Nicolas Caldas)


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