R3VIEW: kaNO x Kuso Vinyl present – Dragon King Enter the Dragon

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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Kano released the 4th colorway of his Dragon King Figure at Wondercon. This colorway was dubbed “Enter the Dragon” and, like its predecessors, it came in a pretty nice box with a flocked shell, and was accessorized with a 1970s bolex camera and a baton. The back of the figure is adorned with a Yin and Yang symbol and the overall paint application seems to be at the same level of quality as the other figures. The head swivels and the arms easily move up and down (this is not the case on all of my previous versions).

For those that weren’t lucky enough to attend Wondercon, or get someone to pick on up for them (shout out to Kidrobot forum member 666ways2love who was able to get if for me) Kano has some available at his webstore http://www.kanokid.com/. Overall, this is a solid addition the the Dragon King family.

There is rumor of a 5th and final colorway coming out soon but we at N3rd Link are hoping for a limited Resin version much like his Moneygrip he created a couple years ago.


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