NikeID Air Force 1 Safari Print – April 1 Release

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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NikeID allows customers to customize and personalize a wide variety of sneakers. The classic Air Force 1 sneaker is not one of the regularly available models. If you would like to design your own there are three options currently available to you:

1. Commission a pair from a sneaker customizer
2. Make an appointment to go to the Nike Design Studio located at 21 Mercer in NY, and pay them $800 to have access to every premium material Nike has ever used.
3. Wait for NikeID to have a limited AF1 release <——– (the cost effective option)

In the past, the only option that existed for most people was the 1st one. Initially, Nike would only invite VIPs to their studio 255 (which was the predecessor to the current design studios), and give them the privilege of designing their own Air Force 1. In 2007 Nike started sending invites to select members of the general public, to create their own Air Force 1s online. Although I didn’t receive an invite, I managed to secure one through eBay and was able to participate.

Now, no invites are needed, and every now and then NikeID will sell a limited number of the AF1s. They recently offered a single premium material in their last few releases, with the current trend this year being a new material each month (wool in January, elephant print in February, and a tennis ball material in March).

(pics courtesy of

On April 1st, NikeID will be offering a limited amount of Air Force 1s (both high and low tops), and will allow customers to use their safari print material.

(pics courtesy of

If you would like a pair, follow @nikeid for the link when they drop, and don’t dawdle, because these will go FAST.


Bonus: Since we all love to see pics of sneakers, these are the AF1s I designed from the initial 2007 release

These are the AF1s I designed from the 2011 release

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