Coarse to Host Studio Night Party During 3A Re-venture!

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Art, Uncategorized

Coarse has formally announced that they will be hosting a party on 4/29 which coincides with the 3A Reventure show in Hong Kong.  The party is invite only and available to Friends and Family members who will be in Hong Kong for the show.

So if you will be in town AND Friends and Family head over here to apply for an invitation.  Man I wish I was going to be in HK for this!

Here is the official word from Coarse on their Facebook (Pic taken from Coarse Facebook):

Coarse studio night
Hong Kong Island · April 29, 2012 · 8:00pm

We are very excited that the superb ThreeA will be hosting their Hong Kong Reventure exhibition, opening late April. Since a number of collectors from around the globe will be visiting Hong Kong during this period, we will be opening our studio space for one night only on April 29, to a limited capacity.

… On the night, we will be displaying a retrospective of classic works, rare 1:1 statues and a range of prints, posters and unseen pieces.

Attendance will be by invitation only, and is available exclusively to coarse family and friends members. Apply for your invitation at before April 13, and await confirmation via email. Guest list places are non-transferrable and attendees are required to bring a valid passport or ID on the night.

We look forward to welcoming our extended family to our HQ in Hong Kong.


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