Art Whino’s G40 Art Summit: ART BATTLE!!!

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Art, Uncategorized
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Art Whino’s G40 Summit hosted a reception on Saturday April 7th, which included a live art battle. During the art battle, two teams each created an image based on three words that were revealed at the start of the round. The teams then had 45 minutes to complete an image, with the winner selected by a panel of judges. Attendees were entertained throughout the evening by a live band and DJs. In total there were 5 rounds. Now I didn’t get the names of all of the artists involved (hey…it’s a learning experience), so I will only be presenting pictures I took from each round, as well as the three words they were based on. If you have the names of all artists involved, please email them to us at

Round 1 Words: Explosion, Direction, Gravity
Round 2 Words: Legend, Mechanical, Corrosion
Round 3 Words: Mom, Fang, Sound
Round 4 Words*: Destruction, Giant Monster, Richmond
Round 5 Words: Wow, Zombie, Civil War

*special note regarding round 4: About half way through the round, Pixel Pancho doused his entire teams painting with black paint. They then scraped through the black to create an image of a city-scape with a giant monster breathing fire onto it. They then covered up the image with yet another dousing of black paint, and painted the word “Richmond” in white. It took me a while to realize that this was clearly a play on the word “destruction.”

There are 5 rows of pics in the gallery below, with each row representing a round.



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