Urban Decay III: Call to Artists!!!

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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The Urban Decay art show will open on Friday, June 1st at the Workhouse Art Center in Lorton VA.  The show curator, Debra Yarrington gives the following description of the show:

Urban Decay is an exhibition that will focus on the aesthetic of urban low-brow art practices and new contemporary ideologies within the modern art world. Lowbrow is a widespread populist art movement with origins in the underground comic world, punk music, hotrod street culture, street art, tattoo art and other subcultures. New contemporary emerging artists will be showcased alongside professional modern artists that have grown in popularity through common and distinct art practices that appeal to the popular culture of our time. This prospectus is open to all artists who would like to contribute an Urban Vinyl Art Toy to the exhibition.

Artists who would like to contribute, click here

The calendar of events for the opening weekend is as follows:

Friday June 1st is the official opening to the public with a RSVP art talk given by three UD III street artists (Asad Ultra Walker, HKS181, Gregg Deal)

Saturday June 2nd is the big opening reception. There will be another art talk by a few UD III artists from 5pm-6pm, and the big reception will be from 7pm-11pm.

The artist line up for the show thus far includes the following artists:

  1. Kathie Olivas
  2. Travis Lampe
  3. Scott Radke
  4. Kevin Gosselin
  5. RSIN
  6. Gregg Deal
  7. Jeremy Gann
  8. Camden Noir
  9. IAM181
  10. Matt Anderson
  11. Gabriel Pons
  12. Carlos Aguilar
  13. Graham Franciose
  14. Tyler Coey
  15. Betso Art: Dylan Dessner
  16. Bryan A. Collins
  17. Daryll Peirce
  18. Lou Pimentel
  19. Jesse Smith
  20. Drilone
  21. James Walker
  22. Asad ULTRA Walker
  23. Jack Labadie
  24. Sylvia Ortiz
  25. Kenny Brown
  26. Kevin Murphey
  27. Jc Rivera
  28. Kevin Rodrigue

We will keep you up to date on all news regarding, what promises to be an amazing show. You can also learn more about the show at:

Urban Decay III Blog

Urban Decay Facebook Page

The N3rdlink crew would like to thank Circus Posterus board member “I love plastic” for all the info they provided regarding this show.



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