R3view: C2E2 #3 The Convention Floor

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Since I am a collector I spent the majority of my first experience at C2E2 on the convention floor.  This is where all the vendors and the artists in “Artist Alley” are set up.

While walking into the convention center con goers were greeted by a DJ spinning nerd-core music (artists like MC Chris and MC Frontalot).  Giant C2E2 letters mark the convention floor entrance.  After walking past the entrance there are rows and rows of vendors.  For those that have been to SDCC and would expect the same thing I believe you will be pretty disappointed.  At C2E2 the current focus is more on comics and art than TV and Movie studios (we shall see how long this lasts if the convention becomes more popular as time goes on.)

The majority of the vendors on the convention floor sold comics.  This is a fairly big contrast compared to SDCC since comics seemed to be pushed to the side.  There was a good mix of comics available to purchase.   From silver and golden age to more recent titles, any fan of comics could find something they liked if they had the funds to do it (I myself had my eye on a Walking Dead #1 graded at a 9.8 but unfortunately I couldn’t pull myself to pay the approx. $1800 price tag.)

So was there a down side?  If you are a fan of vinyl toys you could be a little disappointed.  There were no real big exclusives and not much of a showing by the vinyl community.  The only booth I saw that really came close was Marty from God beast with his resin glyos type figures.  Other than that it was pretty slim pickings.

As for those fans of prints the best place was to head to Artist alley.  There you could commission drawings or purchase prints or comic art from many talented artists.  Artists like Tony Moore (Walking Dead) and Skottie Young (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) were just a few booths I stopped at during the convention.  Most sketches that you could commission were pretty reasonably priced (<$100).  The quality of the artists in Artist Alley was definitely one of the bright spots on the convention floor.

Besides the food and comic vendors there was a stage (called +2) set up where Con goers could sit and listen to nerd comedians, watch cosplayers entertain the crowd.  This stage has potential, but the sound system was not loud enough to drown out the hustle and bustle of the convention floor.

The coolest thing I saw at C2E2 was probably the Shifty Look display towards the entrance of the convention floor.  Shifty Look takes older video game characters and puts them into a comic series.  First the Shifty Look space had about 6 full size arcade cabinets where you could play old school 8 bit video games for free.  The other cool part was that throughout the weekend an artist made a chalk drawing collage on a board approximately 10’x20’ of all the characters in the video games people were playing.  Though I didn’t get to see the finished product, seeing the piece develop was really cool to just sit and watch.  I hope they are back next year.

Overall I felt C2E2 was a success.  It is a fairly new comic convention that really focuses on…comics.  With tons of panels and many booths and artists to visit it was definitely worth the short trip to Chicago.  Would I fly across the country to attend like I do for SDCC, probably not but if you live near Chicago it is definitely a con you should check out.

Check out some of the pictures I took below form the convention.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience please feel free to post comments below or hit us up on twitter @n3rdlink.

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  1. erictheartist says:

    Sorry you didn’t get to see the finished mural. And I am honored by your compliments of the art. It was a blast to make the piece for Shiftylook. And you can actually see a time lapse video of the entire mural process on my http://www.pepperink.com site, as well as an image of the finished art at the end of the video. Enjoy, and feel free to share!

    – Eric Maruscak

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