Coarse Studio Night

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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During the 3A Reventure show in Hong Kong, Coarse has opened its doors for fans who made the trip, to get an exclusive studio tour. Our very own jet-setting reporter Nico was so dedicated, that he cut his trip to Dubai short to go take the tour  and get us the scoop (Someone send this man a golden star). Now I haven’t talked to him yet to get a 1st hand account, but you had better believe that a detailed write up of the experience will follow once he gets home, so stay tuned.

The one small consolation that I have for our loyal readers is pictures from the tour. Lots of them. From what I can tell a lot of original pieces were up for sale for the lucky few who were able to attend, as well as sneak peeks of some new figures. Enjoy!


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