First Look kaNO Dragon King SDCC Exclusive!

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Toys
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One thing I have learned while collecting toys is to look at pictures artists post on social media of their workspaces.  A lot of times it can give insight into what the artist collects but more importantly, you sometimes get a sneak peek into what the artist has coming out.  Whether intentional or not it’s still pretty cool

The most recent one that was posted also could be one of the first confirmed exclusives at SDCC.

Today kaNO posted a picture on his that showed what looks to be the 5th and final Red color way of his Dragon King figure.  It’s not exactly a close up but you can make out the shape of the figure in the picture.  kaNO also confirmed in a comment that it is the red version and will be released at SDCC.  No other information is known at this time. 

SDCC is only 2 months away so we should be seeing a lot more news about exclusives coming up.  Stay tuned because I am sure we will be having a lot of posts leading up to the con…so get excited.



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