New Fight Club Print by Nikejerk

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Art

Many people know Jared “Nikejerk” Cain as a toy customizer.

But a lot of fans don’t know that he has been trying his hand at screen printing.  His newest print was created for a movie themed show in Atlanta, where he lives.  It is based one of his favorite movies Fight Club.

According to Nikejerk the print “References many themes from the film including the idea of anonymity (which is why the guy is wearing a monkey mask) as well as Tyler Durden calling his minions Space Monkeys.”

Nikejerk’s attention to detail is spot on.  You may not catch it at first but when you really look at the print you notice that the man in the monkey mask has two different colored eyes.

The print is an edition of 20 and only a few are left.  Price is $35 shipped in the US.  So if you are interested in owning one of these get in touch with Nikejerk by twitter or email at

Here are a couple pics of the finished print.  The framed print was displayed at the show but is no longer available.  The lighting on the unframed piece is a better representation of the colors for the print.

Check out Episode 12 of the N3rd Link Podcast where we talk more about the print!

  1. dwpfox says:

    Nice work! Popular cult film to choose, I actually did something similar, though instead focused on stylising a screen shot. Can be found here for any fans of fight club art:

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