Getting the Band Back Together!

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Music
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Much like Kickstarter for artists and designers Pledge Music has been created for Musicians to help bring their talents and vision to life.

It is set up much like Kickstarter, the musician sets different “Pledge” levels which have different incentives attached to them (The more you pledge the cooler the incentive.)

Already a lot of artists are foregoing the traditional marketing route and joining the grass roots/user funded marketing schemes including…


BFF is going to be releasing their first album in over 12 years and has set up a Pledge Music page to help promote and get the word out on the street.  The incentive pledge starts at $10 for a digital download of the album and goes up to $62 which you would get (Digital Download, Signed Vinyl Album, BFF Tour T-Shirt.)  At this point the project has already reached 188% of its goal and some of the incentives are sold out but the project is still available for fans to pledge.  Some proceeds will be donated to Music Education/Therapy programs.

So if you are a Ben Folds Five Fan and want to get in on the action go check out the project and make a pledge!You can even download their new track “Do it anyway” for free!


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