Int3rview: J★Ryu x N3rdlink

Posted: May 21, 2012 in N3rd Link Podcast
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As one of our first big interviews I tried to prepare for it.  I did some background research, read some past interviews and made a list of all the questions I wanted to ask.  When we started the interview my plan was pretty much thrown out the window.

J★Ryu is one of the most well versed and articulate, humble artists I have had the pleasure to talk with.  He understands the art game better than most artists and collectors out there.

What came out of our discussion with J★Ryu was a conversation that covered everything from Gatchaman to the toy game as a business model.  We felt it was too good and too long for a single post so we are splitting it up and posting it throughout the week.

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So here is part 1 of our J★Ryu x N3rd Link interview.  More info on J★Ryu will be up with Part 2 so don’t forget to come back!

Search N3rd Link on the iTunes app to listen on your iPhone!!!!!

  1. Such a solid guy..had the pleasure of meeting him at dragatomi last year!

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