Scribe’s Intrinisic Value Show Opening Pt 2: The R3VIEW

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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I caught the bus up to NY earlier in the day and walked over to My Plastic Heart (MPH) to get the lay of the land. Turns out I was a little too early, since they hadn’t even opened yet (it was 11:30am so by a little early, I mean a LOT early). I explored the area for a few hours and checked out some other spots (KidRobot and Toytokyo are both quite close), then shot back over to MPH around 1pm. I had never been there before and it was smaller than I expected, but they had a lot of good products. The place also had a lot of personality and there was even a resident dog who immediately sauntered up to me and jumped on my leg to be pet. The wall on one side of the store was already set up with Scribe’s Intrinsic Value pieces. I chatted with Vincent and the rest of the staff for a while, who were EXTREMELY helpful and down to earth (they directed me to some good food spots, and also to a nearby café where I could relax and charge up my dying cell phone). Due to a mix-up with a pre-order I had, they also waived the shipping for me – talk about great customer service! After getting permission, I snapped some pics of the show, which can be seen here. As it was still pretty early, I left to go explore again…and once again returned much too early.  This time, Vincent at MPH let me know that D. Ross Scribe had just finished painting a wall out in the Bronx and he showed me the Instagram of it.

(pic vis Scribe’s Instagram)

We chatted it up some more then I took my leave to go explore Soho some more. This time I came back closer to the show opening. A few folks were already there, so when 6pm officially struck, we went in to MPH to mingle with other show-goers and grab some beer. Scribe arrived shortly there-after. If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet Scribe, he is one of the most humble and gracious artists I’ve ever met. He even remembered meeting my nephew at Art Whino’s G40 show and asked how he was doing. At some point in our conversation an old friend of his walked up, so I took my leave, but not before he pulled these two beauties out of his bag and handed them to Vincent to be included in the show.

Fast forward about an hour and a few beers. Although there were a good number of attendees including other artists such as RSIN, Mr. Munk and Lou Pimental, I managed to sneak some more of Scribes’ time — who was not only being approached by old fans of his work, but by new ones who were seeing it for the 1st time — to get this sketch.

I also grabbed a blind box of his resound field guide series. I asked the young lady and gentleman behind the register to invoke their good luck and pick one for me, since I was specifically after the Rumpus. I opened the selected box and…doh!! Even before opening the foil, I could tell it wasn’t the Rumpus. In another show of the wonderful nature of the folks at MPH, she said that she would put it on display (they already had two on display, so they really didn’t need another one), and that I could pick again. This time I relied on my own luck, and what do you know…RUMPUS!

I went over to see if Scribe would sign it and one of the young ladies there wanted to know where I got it, so I walked her over to the display and she picked one. ANOTHER RUMPUS! I must have good Rumpus mojo. While chatting with her, it was interesting to learn that she and her other friend went to high school with Scribe. They both lived in the area, so they had stopped by to check out his show and catch up with him. I tried to get some good dirt out of her to use to blackmail a sweet custom out of him, but all she would tell me is that even back in high school he was always drawing and really into art, and that she thought it was wonderful that he was still doing what he loved so much. Ironically enough, after leaving the show I also met up with an old friend of mine from high school before catching the bus back home.

This was a great show. The folks at MPH were awesome. The Intrinsic Value pieces were awesome. Scribe was awesome. All in all, including travel time from MD, this was a 21-hour excursion for me that was well worth every moment. I’m looking forward to both seeing the next works Scribe has up his sleeve, as well as attending more shows at MPH.


Bonus B-Boy Stance Pic:

From Lt to Rt: RSIN, Mr. Munk, Lou Pimental, Yours Truly


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