Pr3senting: Complex Magazine’s 50 Best Custom Sneakers of All Time

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Art, Sneakers, Uncategorized
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The custom sneaker world has been around for ages and is similar to the vinyl toy community, in that many times only people in the community are even aware of its existence.  Its also analogous in that a hot custom can catch the attention of the big-boys and your creation can be turned into a production piece (Chauskoskis’s Birro the clown, and SBTG’s SBTG nike SB dunk are two examples).

Complex magazine is know for having lists, and more importantly sneaker-related lists. The 100 hottest girls in converse. The top 50 Jordans of all time. etc, etc…. and while terms like “50 Best” and “of “all time” are subjective, it was nice to see them feature sneaker customs on one of their lists.  While staples in the custom shoe game (Laze, Metamphibian, SBTG, Sekure D, JGoods, and Mache to name a few) have multiple contributions to this list, it was also good to see some outstanding work by customizers that I was not previously aware of. I was pleased to see many of my favorites throughout the years featured in this list.

Some of MY favorite sneaker customs are featured below (not all of them made the list Complex put together):

Click here for Complex Magazines full list.



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