R3view – Coarse OopCr: Chrome Oop and Aw Set

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Toys
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Yes, yes, yes – I’m a Coarsehead – someone who really loves Coarse, so of course I’m probably going to love this release. But I REALLY love this release!!! 😛

Ok, I will admit the Oop and Aw sets are cool, but of all the Coarse pieces they are probably on the bottom of almost anyone’s list of cool Coarse toys. And so on ordering these I was excited but didn’t have any idea really what I’d be getting.

I’ve never had a chrome toy before so I’m seeing these as a newbie and the chrome is so what makes these toys. Although it’s interesting in that I’m amazed as the toys themselves but almost more excited for the photography possibilities of reflecting other toys in them. So it’s almost like they are cool first as themselves, but how they will interact and reflect other toys adds a whole new level of awesome.

So the details – box is great. A flat black with gloss black printing and graphics give it a cool feel. You get white gloves for handling the Oop and Aw and for the first time 2 cards that give you care and handling instructions. Again these are gloss black on flat black and look great. You then have the signed and numbered card – locking this release at 150 very lucky people. (on and the ‘don’t eat this or you’ll die’ card – I wonder what it tastes like…)

The Oop and Aw are fantastic. The chrome is flawlessly applied and I can’t find any defects or issues with the chrome. It even looks great in all the nooks and crannies of the pieces. Just an amazing job. They also don’t feel like vinyl at all. Weight-wise the are still obviously vinyl, but have a super-smooth, slippery glass-like feel. Especially with the gloves they would be very easy to slip out of your hands and fall. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to anyone. Even to the naked touch they feel very different than normal vinyl.

And then there is just all the cool pics you can take with them. Even just sitting in the Detolfs they look just amazing and how they reflect the room just adds so much to them. I can’t wait to, very carefully, take them out and pose them with other toys and art and take some very cool photographs. So speaking of which – here are some pics of them, enjoy!!!














  1. Midgar says:

    Wow, I really envy you on this oopCr. Unfortunately, mines had a lot of imperfections. A very visible crack was running down Aw’s face, a large visible chip on Oop’s head and some indications that the chrome did not cast well behind Aw’s ear. Coarse was nice enjoy to take the refund, but I’m so sad they could not repair the flaws on mine. =( Mazel tov to you!

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