Squadt Release: CHIPP s004 and BOOMER [FORT BURNOUT-DSRT]

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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According to the Collect and Destroy Forum, FERG is dropping a Fort Burnout themed Squadt.

The release is set for Monday, MAY 28 12:00 noon – Central Time

The webstore for the release is located here> http://store.projectsquadt.com

Additional info:
CHIPP s004 and BOOMER [FORT BURNOUT-DSRT]: Limited to 200 sets. Chipp Includes; modular tactical vest with assorted pouches, Fort Burnout shirt, bandana, sMK23 with holster, SM4 with red dot and suppressor regular arms and 2.0 arms, smoke and yellow lenses and removable helmet.
Boomer includes: head-case, 2 pipe bombs and modular harness.

Price: $115 USD – this includes worldwide shipping.

please allow 4-8 weeks for shipping.

This squadt has a similar vibe to those featured at FERGs Medium War Squadt show at Rotofugi last year. Please take note of the sqube scarf, and the shading around the eyes. DO WANT!

Remember this releases on what might be a holiday for some of us, so set your alarms, so that you don’t forget and miss out!

More info on Squadts can be found  here.


BONUS: Project Squadt Checklist


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