SDCC Exclusives Begin to Roll In!

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Toys

SDCC is just around the corner and we at N3rd Link are pumped up about it.  Not only will we be able to visit sunny San Diego but we all know what else that means…EXCLUSIVES!

With just about a month and a half left to go until preview night artist and booth exclusive announcements are starting to roll in.  As the con gets closer we will have more features on the con in general.

Here are a couple exclusives that we have confirmed for SDCC!

Prices and edition size are not known for any piece.

1. Luke Chueh’s – Target

-The prototype was first featured at SDCC last year and I am surprised that Luke just confirmed there will be an SDCC version released this year!  According to Luke’s twitter to us “The sdcc addition [sic] will have a color variation with hand drawn wall graffiti by me.”  Luke just released a picture of the box art for the figure.  This is a definite pick up for me!

 2. ThreeA’s Mighty Squaro. Based on the same body style as the JDF Mighty Square it’s the Brillo box design on a new square!

 3. kaNO’s Dragon King: The last colorway in the set the Red ed. will be released at SDCC most likely through Kuso Vinyl. (No pic available)


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