DC Yeezy 2 Release @DTLR

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Music, Sneakers, Uncategorized
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Downtown Locker Room (DTLR) announced that they would only be selling the Yeezy 2’s from their Senator Square location in DC. According to their twitter (@DTLR) EVERYONE who was in line at 7:30am on 6/9 would receive a raffle ticket, for a chance to purchase one of the pairs that they had available. Furthermore, they would have approximately 50 pairs, and a strong police presence… not bad. Now i’m too old to deal with all this new camping mess… but a raffle I can do. Alarm went off at 5am, but I quickly decided that there was really no need to get there too early like in the days of old… so I re-set it and went back to sleep. Woke up a little later, then me and wifey drove on down to the spot. Now after hearing all of the madness that went down during various Foamposite Galaxy releases all up and down the East Coast, I was pleased to see how organized this release was. Don’t get me wrong, there were a TON of people there (about 1000), but it was organized, and orderly. The line snaked around the building then up the bridge next to the store.

True to their word, DTLR gave a ticket to everyone, then started calling off numbers. As great as the odds were, they weren’t in my favor, so currently i’m (like their 400K other followers) fanatically monitoring @nikestore for the random online drop.  Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!

Props to DTLR for running an extremely well thought out and safe release. If you aren’t already, follow them at @DTLR

BTW if anyone happens to score, please shoot us a ton of pics at n3rdlink@gmail.com.



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