Squadt Release: fr0g s002 and K11 spot [RETAIL]

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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I just received an email from Jamungo, that the retail version of the Frog Squadt is now available. This Squadt is rocking the “Frog” wetsuit, and comes with the K11 companion, who is also sporting the look. The figures sport a pleasing orange, black and gray color palate, and comes equipped with a matching harpoon, making it a formidable addition to the Squadt lineup.
More details on the figure:
6″ vinyl, ABS and cloth.
fr0g includes: wetsuit, tanks, flippers, spear gun, sMP5, tanto knife, 2.0 articulated and ‘classic’ arms and removable helmet.
K11 spot includes: wetsuit with pouches, flippers and removable helmet.
$115 USDAvailable now at your favorite designer toy retailer.

(All images courtesy of Jamungo)

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