Year of the Dragon AF1 Low- Special Edition Summer 2012

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Sneakers, Uncategorized
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The second installment of the AF1 Year of the Dragon is currently scheduled for a June 23rd, 2012 release at select retailers. The shoe is a blend of in-your-face colors and subtle dragon imagery. Nike gives more insight into the design below:

Inspired by the concept of ‘dragon’, this low top features a design that blends dragon boat imagery with traditional Chinese dragon iconography. The special edition celebrates the 30th anniversary of this classic design.

The overall design echoes that of a dragon boat, evoking a red boat floating on a blue lake, with the golden Swoosh emphasizing the nobility and majesty of the dragon.The character for ‘dragon’ in ancient oracle bone script on the heel counter, pearl dubrets with the Roman numerals “XXX”, and the premium aglets.

The multi-colored cloud pattern on the cushion, representing good fortune.

The shoe’s tongue top uses the ‘dragon in clouds’ pattern, identical to the Year of the Dragon Air Force 1 from Spring.

These are probably the 1st AF1’s that I’ve been excited about in a while, so hopefully one of my go-to retailers will be getting their hands on these.


images courtesy of Nike Sportwear


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