Episode 19: Blown By Geoff

Posted: June 18, 2012 in N3rd Link Podcast
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We are back for episode 19!  If you are returning thanks for listening!  We really appreciate all the support!

Here are some of the things we covered this week!

Geoff takes a glass blowing class…did he just hit on a new toy niche?

3AA pack discussion…surprise we don’t all like it!

Amanda Louise Spayd’s necklace/pendant release!

MAD keeps busting out the resin Madls and people snatching up faster than ever.  This time it’s the yellow gloss version.

 Luke Chueh’s new book! Bearing the unbearable produced by G1988 out now!

Movies TV Books and Comics:

Geoff and Mawuli agree the anime Aquarion is worth a watch!

John’s is solving mysteries with the Ghostwriter crew.

Since Game of Thrones is done for the season True Blood is back!


Without read for your ear holes.  Have some fun.  THANKS FOR LISTENING!


  1. Chris says:

    Good episode. Nice to hear that EVERYONE always waits for 3A figures…I don’t have the patience for it though.

    Keep it up!

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