SDCC Advice Post #1…BE PREPARED!

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

With San Diego Comic Con just around the corner (17 days and counting) we at N3rd Link will be posting some articles on what to expect at SDCC and any advice we can give to new comers or reminders for veterans to the convention.  Hopefully Con-goers can take some of the information and make their experience that more enjoyable.

SDCC Advice #1…Be Prepared.

The convention can be stressful, hectic or even boring (who really likes waiting in line after line?)  But if you prepare yourself and pack some necessities you can make those times that you are bored more bearable.

So here is a list of essentials that we feel can make your life run a little more smoothly at the Con.

1.       Backpack: This is probably one of the most important things to bring to the con.  You will undoubtedly buy or get free stuff on the convention floor.  Your backpack will free up your hands and allow you to navigate in between people on the floor.  When you first get your badge you will most likely be given a huge shoulder bag provided by (Warner Brothers) which can be converted to backpack and can be very helpful but can be bulky at times and a nuisance trying to walk from one side of the floor to the other.  I prefer regular ol’ backpack.

2.       Comfortable Shoes/Clothes:  Unless you are going to be sitting in Hall H the entire time or another panel room you will be doing A LOT of walking.  The convention floor is about a half mile in length and if you will be walking back and forth a pair of comfortable walking shoes is a must.  Comfortable clothes are a must as well. Don’t forget it’s the middle of summer in San Diego add in over 100,000 people walking around it’s going to be hot.  So grab your best comic t shirt and shorts because if you are comfortable your visit will be that more enjoyable.

3.       Convention Floor Map/Panel Guide: If you plan on checking out your favorite toy booth or you want to see your favorite TV show or Comic panel these two pieces are essential.  Navigating the convention can be extremely difficult so knowing exactly where you need to be ahead of time can save you a lot of headache.  SDCC does have an app that can be helpful but it definitely needs some polishing.  Im assuming like last year they will have an update and actually make it way more functional.

4.       Cash:  If you are going to be buying toys, comics or collectibles on the floor “cash is king” for multiple reasons.  You may get better deals or not charged tax from dealers when paying cash.  Not all dealers take credit cards and the ones that due have to connect to the wifi or cell phone data to process your payment and the connection on the floor is terrible.  Dealing in cash can make your check outs easier and more convenient for everyone.

5.       Entertainment: Rooms are not cleared out after each panel so if you are dying to see a popular panel you will need to be in line hours beforehand.  As you can imagine this can be extremely boring so you will want to bring something to entertain yourself.  Your iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, a book, a deck of cards, a board game (great way to make new friends) something to pass the time.  (Don’t forget your phone charger! There are outlets around the convention center walls and but can be hard to find an unoccupied one but you will definitely need to charge your cell phone.)

6.       Snacks and Water:  There are a lot of places to eat in San Diego but if you won’t have time to leave the convention center to grab some food bringing your own snacks and drinks could save you time and money.  The convention center has normal concession items, hot dogs, pizza, nachos (which I always buy for some reason which are terrible), cookies and drinks.  All available, all expensive.  A nice alternative is to head on over to the local Ralph’s supermarket and buy some healthier alternatives or junk food (whatever you prefer) for a lot cheaper.

7.       Walkie Talkies: “Did I hear a 9er in there?”  Cell phone and wifi service can be spotty in the convention center so if you want to keep in touch with your group, an alternative of getting a pair of walkie talkies may be able to help you out.

8.    Poster Tube:  If you plan on buying any prints or posters and you don’t want them to get damaged bring a poster tube (preferably one with a strap.)  Some companies will give out cheap poster tubes (last year there was a Walking Dead) but if you have anything worth value you want to make sure it is protected.

9.    Sketch Book:  There are a ton of artists at the convention.  Some will charge money for a sketch (costs will vary greatly on the artist and the quality of the sketch.)  Some artists will have free signings.  This is a great time to meet one of your favorite artists and get a free sketch!  Usually the artist will be selling something (toy, print etc.) so if you can afford it and respect the artist, show them some love and buy something!  If the artist is walking around the convention center and you are bold enough, you can ask for a sketch but if they draw something for you and they have something to sell buy it.  *side note: be respectful of their time

If you have any other advice on how to prepare for the Convention post some comments or tweet us @n3rdlink.


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