R3view: SDCC Green Crystal Rumpus From Scribe x Cardboard Spaceship

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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Created by Scribe, and released at Cardboard Spaceship, the green crystal rumpus was my #1 want for this years SDCC. Being limited to only 15 pieces, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. When the doors opened up on preview night, the Cardboard Spaceship booth was the 1st place I ignored the security’s cries of “No Running” and ran to.

The Green Crystal Rumpus is the 1st release of the “Resin Series” and it masterfully blends the work of Scribe and Alisa Ross. The green octopus tentacle is a great touch to the resin figure, and it goes well with the striking the color of the Rumpus itself. Rumpus also comes with a clear green resin spray can, as well as an obligatory plunger. It caused a $190 dent in my wallet, but I have no regrets. Scribe is a great guy and so are the good folks at Cardboard Spaceship, so I’m always glad to support them. This figure looks great in a collection, or as a stand-alone piece. Actually the only thing that bothers me about this figure is how difficult it was for me to figure out how to photograph it decently. Luckily Arsonal Productions was up to the challenge and was able to help me out.

Looking forward to the next colorway, as well as to seeing what plush Alisa will think of for the book-bag.


all photographs taken by Arsonal Productions @Arsonal  – thanks for the last minute shooting


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