R3view: KaNO x KusoVinyl Dragon King SDCC “Longstreet Edition”

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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SDCC 2012 marked the release of KaNO 5th and final installment of his Dragon King line. The “Longstreet” edition sports a red jumpsuit, was limited to 75 pieces and cost $85. According to KaNO:

The red color way is a tribute to Bruce Lee’s appearance on LONGSTREET, where he donned the red and white track suit.

The figure was available from Kuso Vinyl’s booth starting on preview night, and KaNO was at the booth that Friday for a signing. As a special treat he also had 1 G.O.D. and 1 Enter the Dragon version from his personal collection for sale, which went to someone in line FAAAAAST!

Aside from the color, there are no major differences from the other figures. The head on my figure swivels smoothly, as do the hands. The head and hands didn’t move on a few of the older figures, or if they did, they required more force than I felt comfortable using, so this is an improvement to note. The packaging on the figure is the same as on the previous ones, and is a work of art in and of itself. Since John says only fanboys have no criticisms…I guess maybe he could have used a different logo on the back, since up to this point they were all different. I’m glad he is done with the series though since getting this many of one figure was a stretch for me. But ultimately, I love this whole series – It’s the only figure that I own every colorway of. As soon as I saw the prototype I knew I had to have it, since it instantly made me think of when I was younger huddled around a TV with my brothers watching Martial Arts Theater. #nostalgia

If you are still looking for the figure, KaNO has a few of the OG and Enter the Dragon Edition in stock and KusoVinyl still has the Longstreet Edition in stock.


(photography courtesy of Arsonal Productions)


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