R3view: Ferg x Rotofugi SDCC Gohst s003 Squadt

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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Per tradition, Ferg released his SDCC squadt thru Rotofugi. Additionally, they allowed a set number of squadt fans from the Collect and Destroy forum to pre-order a few, which were then mailed to them directly. The rest were released at SDCC by Rotofugi at a rate of about 20 per day for $115. Luckily, I was able to get my pre-order in so I didn’t have to fight it out during the convention.

This is the 3rd Gohst squadt to be offered for a  regular release, and boy did he ever pick the right color pallate!! I’m a huge fan of the neon airmax 95’s in case you didn’t know…

This guy comes sporting a neon green hoody with the playge logo on the front, and a black vest (how cool is the VEST?!). The squadt also comes with the usual accessories (extra arms, and a gun), but also has a bomb (at least I think its a bomb).  A solid addition to the squadt family, which almost makes up for me stupidly missing the Fort Burnout Chipp.

You can stay connected with Ferg and Rotofugi thru the following:








(photography courtesy of Arsonal Productions)

  1. HedHunta says:

    It cost $125 at the Con,.. plus an elbow jab and an irish shuffle…

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