Arkiv Solo Show at Toy Art Gallery: The Aftermath: A Journey to Wounderland

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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“Arkiv Vilmansa has his new show opening at Toy Art Gallery, entitled “The Aftermath: A Journey to Wounderland.” This solo exhibit will showcase a collection of new works that are the beginning of a Wounderland series that Arkiv has been focusing on lately and plans to fully realize next year. Including a new sculpture of Libertine, Luminarium prints (Butterfly), special edition T-shirts of Heart Camo in 2 colorways (Multi color and Grey), and there will even be a giveaway of red Luminarium prints to the first 20 people lined-up before the opening.

In addition to his TAG opening, Arkiv is doing a small event with OffTheWallSite: showcasing a couple of customized Vans and releasing a special edition Arkiv x OTWS burgundy T-shirt limited to 60 pieces worldwide. “The Aftermath: A Journey to Wounderland” will open on August 4th and run through August 22nd, 2012 at Toy Art Gallery (TAG), 7571 Melrose Ave. (corner of Melrose & Curson), Los Angeles, CA, 90046.”

Completed story about the show:

“Wounderland is an ecosystem formed in the disastrous aftermath of a world that had suffered for far too long from global warming. Here, a new animal kingdom was born, in which new DNA configurations appear, creating wild new breeds that were previously unimaginable. The mass disaster that took place for only seventeen seconds happened with such force that it completely scorched the earth. Darkness enveloped the earth, and for a while, it is as if every being in it was soundly asleep. No light could be found here, and only the single moon was
keeping it illuminated.

All flora and fauna have transformed and morphed to adapt to this new environment. Plants and vegetation are now creatures with flesh and blood, with a skeletal anatomy, hairy surfaces, and throbbing pulses. Sharks flyacross the air and take their prey both in land and in the depths of the sea. In this new natural habitat, the lion’s seat as the king of the wilderness has been replaced by various new species of birds, who now outnumber the category of any other living being. Plants and animals live together side by side in a mutual symbiosis. Mammals, birds, insects, fish, amphibians – they crossbreed in a large scale, creating unexpected new life forms as an effect.

“Wounderland” is a world presented by Arkiv Vilmansa, where the boundaries between the real and the imaginary break down. Through the works in his exhibitions he invites us to explore this world, beginning from his first solo show in Jakarta, Indonesia entitled “Reachable Distance”. In that exhibition, we were already able to observe his experimentations with whimsical, cartoon-like figures, inviting us to further imagine the kind of
world they inhabit with their bright colours and bold lines. “The Aftermath” is a continuation of this exploration, showing even more confidence and gusto. Where previously solid colours dominate his palette, in this current collection darker tones become the background against which each of the characters are set.
These nocturnal shades represent the bleakness of “Wounderland” in the aftermath of a great disaster, yet the striking colours of the figures no doubt display an unrelentless sense of optimism. All of these, no doubt, create an even richer visual experience.

Another significant exploration that are visible in the works in this exhibition is the move towards colour gradients. With each tonal shift still in the same hue, it is as if Vilmansa wishes to examine and dig deeper into the emotional, personal complexities that they may represent. We should not be surprised if the play with gradients will soon become Vilmansa’s main artistic distinction. In fact, why should we, for these gradients
illustrate the entwinement between the real and the imaginary in the habitat we now know as “Wounderland”,in a way that may not be achieved otherwise.”

(source: Arkiv Thread on Kidrobot Forum)


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