Coarse: Paw! Blush – Collection Selim Verol

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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Coarse has announced the latest in their Paw! collection. The pink “Paw! Blush – Collection Selim Varol” is currently available to Friends & Family members, and will be available to the general public at a later date.

The figure has an edition size of 2 x 77 (77 through Coarse, and 77 through toykio), and on the coarse site it carries a price-tag of $421.12

The box is one of the most intricate that I have seen from Coarse, and can easily stand on its own as a separate art piece.

This figure is in stock (yes…you read that correctly) and is supposed to ship to buyers in 7 days.

Coarse always has a back-story to each figure, so here it goes:

Squeaking and nimble he appears on the scene. Only a few remaining spots of his white body shimmer in the morning glow. This early sunlight drowns out his surroundings while the rest of his massive appearance remains almost entirely shrouded by the glittering dust of the pink soil. His bright nose graciously fights for attention, and his daunting eyes hide behind their reflections of the blue sky.

coarse is presenting paw! blush in cooperation with the collection Selim Varol, a unique collectors edition created to become a part of or the starting point of your “pink collection”. The 12” vinyl figure comes cocooned in white sponge, packed in a highly unique and exclusive handcrafted wooden box resembling the existence of paw! the monkey rabbit.


  1. Strutz says:

    I don’t get it,.. buy a RAW Paw for a little over $125,… or buy from Coarse at $421.12? Premium paints made from the blood of endangered rhinos I guess,. . . .

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