Coarse Facebook Contest Prize

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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A month or so ago Coarse announced on their Facebook page that they had come across a few old sticker packs from their iconic 2007 Coarse x Vans collaboration. All one had to do was to reply to their post stating that you were interested in the pack, and Coarse would select a few of the replies (giving preference to current Friends and Family members). I entered, then forgot all about it.

A week ago I had a package in the mail. No biggie. It was from coarse. BIGGIE!!! Now 1st of all, it looked like my mailman tried to fold it one way, then changed his mind and folded it the other way, and stuffed it in the mailbox….grumble… If the package was from just about anyone else I wouldn’t have really cared but it was something cool from Coarse, so I quickly went inside and gingerly opened the package and determine if there was any major damage.

As expected, it included a sticker pack from the Vans collaboration, but never one to not go the extra mile, there was also a small print of what I’m assuming is an upcoming colorway of their Oop and Aww figures. Oh did I mention it was signed and PERSONALIZED?! How cool is that??!! a few pics from other coarse collectors have also popped up on the Coarse thread on the Kidrobot forum, as well as on the Coarseheads Facebook group.

Pics of my pack are below for your viewing pleasure!




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