NYCC Day 1 wrap up!!!

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Art, Comics, Uncategorized
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New York Comic Con is upon us!!!  This year looks to be one of the strongest in the con’s history.  Not only are there exclusives and panels to check out at the convention center there are shows around NYC.  Doktor A has a show opening at My Plastic Heart, kaNO has an art retrospective show, Kidrobot is having their 10th anniversary party…and the list goes on.

N3rd Link members Geoff, Nico and Mawuli are in New York for the convention and will be providing some pics of the convention through the weekend.

Hear are some pics from the first day of the convention.  It’s great to see the expansion of the vinyl toy scene at the convention as well as other pop culture staples like The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, Back to the Future Delorean and others.

More pics will be added as the weekend progresses.  Stay Tuned.

Are you at the Con? what are you most excited for?  Tweet us @n3rdlink

Pics were taken at the Kidrobot, Rampage Toys, Art Whino, Tenacious Toys and other booths.


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