NYCC ThreeA Exclusive Mighty EMGY Square

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Toys
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ThreeA has many color ways. But I am not sure there is one more popular than the EMGY color way.

This year at NYCC the exclusive is the EMGY Mighty Square. It most likely will be the most popular color way for this style square. It’s retailing for about $150 and if you are at the convention floor I would head to the booth ASAP. Because the allotment will undoubtedly sell out each day.

It looks like there are 4 “variations” of the EMGY square. Each one seems to have a name printed on the front of the figure and if you are big in the 3A community you probably will recognize some of these names. It hasn’t been confirmed to us but it’s a good bet that the names; Dolly (Well known 3A fan), Jordan (Well known 3A fan that possibly owns every 3A piece ever made), Eder (ie. Scott Eder that sells Ashley Woods original art work) and Lena (I believe Scot eder’s daughter.)

Here are a couple pics of the squares.


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