Opening Reception: Jeremy Geddes and Ashley Wood solo Shows

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Art, Toys, Uncategorized
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I was able to attend the opening reception to the solo shows of Jeremy Geddes and Ashley Wood. The show was held on October 20th, 2012 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY. The two shows were held on the two sides of the gallery. The Jeremy Geddes show was entitled Exhale, and the Ashley Wood show was called Machine Sabbath. The show was PACKED and both artists were in attendance to interact with the show-goers. I was impressed with the sheer magnitude of some of the pieces, since a lot of the time its hard to tell the scale of something from a picture.

I managed to chat with Ash a bit, then met Jeremy for the 1st time who was also great to talk to. Jeremy confirmed that his next release would be Acedia, which will have an edition size of 500, so fans of Jeremy’s work will have a better chance of snagging it. There is also a petition which was started on the Expresso Beans forum to get Cosmonaut made into a 3A figure (this has been rumored to be in the works for some time now).  Here’s the kicker – at the show opener, Jeremy singed the petition as well – so hopefully we are one step closer to having that awesome figure.

Ashley mentioned that he would be putting up some of unreleased variants, and samples of 3A figures from his personal collection up for auction to support a local charity for single mothers. Aside from those tidbits, I tried bottled coconut water for the 1st time, which was one of the refreshments served by the gallery.

Now lets skip all the disclaimers about pics not doing these pieces justice and all that an just go onto what you want to see. PICS!


  1. Thanks for sharing, very cool art!

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