R3VIEW – Yume and Spacesuits Panda

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Toys
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A review of my two most recent acquisitions; or why I love resin!!!

In the last week I received two of the best toys I’ve gotten in a long time: Spacesuits Panda from cacooca and Yume from Plastikmat. Both are about 5 inches, made of solid resin and are stunning.

Spacesuits Panda I found out about from an article on Toys R Evil and emailed cacooca as his sale sight is basically a Chinese eBay that doesn’t have an english version and if you want to use it you have to go through a 3rd party that chargers a fee. Emailing his directly was perfect though and he was extremely wonderful to work with and mailed out Panda the day I made payment.

Panda is made of solid resin and comes in 3 parts: body, head and helmet. The head is a separate piece so you can position it all sorts of ways and exchange it with other panda heads, which is really kinda cool. Everything has a very worn and scratched feel to it and there are some well done faded blood spatters on the helmet that add a lot of character. It’s almost like the astronaut that is featured in a lot of Jeremy Geddes’ paintings, just a panda version. 🙂 It’s really quite fun how positioning the head different ways gives him very different expressions. Now I want more pandas and outfits so I can start mixing and matching. He has a really great weight to him too, making him feel like a solid toy.

The box he came in while simple with basic lettering – provided perfect protection from the stupid postal system that loves to break toys. A big chunk of solid foam, cut to hold him tight, got him half-way around the world safe and sound.
More info can be found at cacooca.blogbus.com







Yume is about as polar opposite a figure as you can get aesthetically. Still about 5 inches and solid resin – it is a marvel of beautiful, simple lines and exquisite craftsmanship. Is was a figure I was so scared about shipping. There are so many delicate pieces: the hair that comes down in graceful curves, the hair sticks and even the eyelashes that extend out from the figure are so delicate. But as with Panda, the packaging was perfect. Nice tight protecting foam within a cardboard box. The box artwork is amazing and worthy of being a print that I’d buy in a heartbeat.

The figure itself is stunning. Just a beauty of simplicity and touches of color. This is the color version – previously there was an all black and an all white version both of which I wish I has now. About the figure, I just can’t say much beyond the pictures – its just beautiful. I keep trying to come up with what to say about her and I’m at a loss for words. The pictures speak for themselves. This would be one of my picks of the best toys I’ve bought this year.
More info at plastikmat.free.fr







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